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Trendbuild Contracts Pte Ltd, they have displayed their professionalism and good working attitude to complete their work despite the tight timeframe and unforeseen site circumstances. They are also helpful and responsive towards client’s needs and requirement.

Ascendas Services Pte Ltd

I appreciate the quick responses to any problem and the prompt rectification. The project team has been very courteous and committed. It has been delightful to work with the team and I’m looking forward to our next project together.

Ministry of Communications and Information

I would like to express my thanks to your team especially during this pandemic period where we were met with unforeseen situations and your team was able to resolve and complete it within the revised schedules. Your team dedication and professionalism are greatly appreciated.

National Art Council

Throughout the duration of the project, we have asked for many changes due to site constraints which affected the design of the office and the technical requirements. You have been adaptable and efficient in helping us meet our space planning ad office redesign objective. The timeline for the renovation works was very tight and you managed to deliver all phases of works well within our expectation. We would also like to thank you for the excellent client support throughout the project.

National Heritage Board

Besides staying on schedule and within budget for this fairly large project, the team was very responsive and flexible, addressing issues and changes quickly and efficiently. The high quality delivery certainly owes to their good initiatives and professional experience which were instrumental towards timely resolution to problems during the course of work.

The National Kidney Foundation

Your team’s dedication and commitment throughout the renovation was commendable. We appreciate the quick turn-around time in managing last minute changes raised by users, and also the additional effort by your side workers in helping the nurses set up the clinic for official opening.

National University Hospital

Trendbuild Contracts Pte Ltd have displayed their professionalism and good working attitude to complete their work despite the unforeseen site circumstances. They are also very helpful and responsive towards client’s needs and requirements. I can confidently recommend Trendbuild Contracts Pte Ltd as a dependable contractor in the field of construction and renovation.

National University of Singapore

We are very impressed with your team commitment and dedication throughout the entire process. With the help of your team, we were able to maximise our spatial utilization and the turnover time of the design was swift.

One Faber Group

Their dedicated coordination efforts and prompt follow up actions to resolve unforeseen issues which arose during the course of the project were key to endure that the project completed in a timely manner.

Singapore Police Force

Florence and her team have shown great dedication and commitment to complete the renovation works even through several unforeseen issues cropped up during the course of the renovation. They were able to maintain the efficiency of the development and completed the renovation based on the design plan confirmed by our Senior Management.

Public Service Division, Prime Minister Office

The team was also very responsive throughout the project. The initiative and experience were instrumental towards resolving the various issues that arose during the course of works. Their dedication and safe work culture were key towards the timely completion of the project without any work accidents.

Public Utility Board

With yourself providing strong leadership and your team’s positive attitude, efficient and professionalism, it has been a pleasant experience throughout the project execution. It is our pleasure to recognize your services and organisation for a job well done.

Singapore American School

The team from Trendbuild haven been professional dedicated prompt and responsive throughout the entire project. Coming in a price competitive bid, they delivered quality work. We would like to work with Trendbuild again if there are future project opportunities.

Sport Singapore

They had strong sense of ownership and ensured that they delivered high quality work throughout the project. The team was very responsive throughout the project. I would like to thank the team for a job well done.

Cyber Security Agency